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Photography to me is an escape, a challenge, an excuse, a solace, a motivation. There is no greater feeling than waking up before dawn and hiking to a location knowing that the odds of a spectacular sunrise are highly stacked against you, other than chancing such a scene. My images focus on fleeting color, ephemeral light, controlled chaos, and the constant search of perfection in an imperfect world (although I have frequently found the opposite to be just as true).

Photography is also a very personal and emotional experience for me.  It is a way I escape the tribulations and mundane to be alone in my thoughts surrounded by beautiful scenery.  Much of what I remember from trips into the wild are not the images I capture, but rather my feelings as I witness them and the people I share them with.  There is a story behind every photo, and I hope to shed light on that narrative and the accompanying sentiments through this website.

Trips within my home state of Utah and the surrounding areas have allowed me to witness amazing sights and experience indescribable feelings of wonder and peace. I shoot almost exclusively landscapes, and I hope you take time to enjoy my photos and feel as much happiness from them as I have in their creation. This website is mainly a way for me to display work I am very proud of, but please do not hesitate to e-mail me if you are interested in a print! =)

– Quang